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Without Targeted Traffic Your Local Business Website May Never Get Noticed By Google!

If your website is getting little or no traffic it may take years for Google to consider ranking your website for your keywords. A report by SEM Rush described the number 1 factor in getting your website ranked in Google is DIRECT TRAFFIC!

#1 Criteria Google Uses to Rank Your Local Business Website is: Direct Traffic

 Direct Traffic is when viewers find your website by going directly go to your website in their browser. With RealppvSEO Traffic we will provide consistent DIRECT TRAFFIC to your website every month. We not only use a variety of your keywords but also the actual url of your website as a search term as well. With RealppvSEO DIRECT TRAFFIC you will be well on your way to getting your website noticed by Google ASAP.

#2 Criteria For Getting Your Local Business Website Ranked: TIME on SITE

If people visit your website and just click off and go somewhere else this tells Google you are not fulfilling the needs of your customers. So direct traffic itself is not enough. Your visitors need to stay on the website for at least 30 seconds for Google to consider your traffic to be valuable. The good news is that RealppvSEO traffic stay on your website for a minimum of 2 full minutes!

This will send a loud and clear signal to Google that your website is interesting to your visitors and fulfilling their needs.

Time on Site! (Facebook Post)

#3 Criteria For Getting Your Local Business Website Ranked: "Pages Per Session"

The 3rd most important criteria to getting your website ranked at the top of Google search is how many pages people visit when the arrive at your website. If visitors are navigating to multiple pages on your website this tells Google that you have engaging content and clear navigation. Likewise if visitors do not visit multiple pages then this signals to Google that your website is not the information that users are looking for.

#4 Criteria For Ranking Your Local Business Website Criteria: Bounce Rate

Your website’s bounce rate is the number of users who leave your website after viewing a single page. Users bounce from every website, but if the majority of your users bounce, that’s an indicator that something is off.

According to SEMrush, 49 percent is the average bounce rate of the domains ranking in the top three of search results. Furthermore, the study concluded that the higher a page’s position, the lower its bounce rate. At RealPPV SEO Traffic we keep your bounce rate to 33% or less!

Criteria #5 For Ranking Your Local Business Website: Consistency!


It is very important to show Google that your website is not a one hit wonder but rather a website which an is authority in your field. Websites that consistently bring in traffic are considered authority websites. Over time your website will start to edge out your competition because you are consistently attracting targeted visitors month after month. When it comes to SEO it is important to play the long game. Those those that do so will be richly rewarded with quality search traffic that only a mature website can attract.

Realppv SEO Traffic Delivers All 5 Major Criteria to Boost Your Search Engine Rankings!

  • Direct Traffic– We will deliver consistent long term keyword targeted direct traffic to your website
  • Time On Site-Visitors Will Remain on Your Website At Least 2 Minutes
  • Multiple Page Visits– Visitors to your website will interact with your website visiting multiple pages signaling to Google that your website is interesting to visitors.
  •  Low Bounce Rate- Since visitors will be visiting multiple pages on your website you will enjoy the credibility that comes with a low bounce rate.
  •  Consistent Long Term Traffic- You are smart and you are in this for the long haul. Consistent long term traffic will mark your website as one of the important websites in your field that merits being ranked at the top of the search listings.

Please note: This service is only who are promoting their own websites and are seeking an increase in search engine rankings. It is not those who are promoting affiliate links.

If you are promoting affiliate links or work from home offers please visit here or consider our bulk network traffic here.

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Answers to Your Questions

Is Your Traffic GEO Targeted?

We normally target the traffic to USA only. However, you can request traffic from most major countries. For local businesses
we will include local keywords to help your local business website rank better for localized searches.

How Soon Will My Campaign Begin?

Your campaign will begin within 48 hours after ordering. We will then send you an email with a tracking link so you can track visitors to your website.

What Information Do You Need From Me?

Once you order you will be re-directed to a form where you can give us your website information. You will also be able to give us up to 10 keyword phrases and tell us which country you would like to target with the traffic.

Can I Target My Campaign With Keywords?

Yes, you may give us up to 10 keyword phrases with your campaign.

How Do I Cancel?

You can cancel at anytime by contacting us here.

Do You Guarantee Sales?

We do not guarantee sales. This traffic is strictly designed to help your website’s ranking in the search engines. There are many factors necessary for sales such as your offer, your follow up, your prices, the market, the presentation of your website, your service, your review and more. However, if your website ranks higher in Google you potentially have a greater opportunity for sales if all the other factors are in place.

Do I Have to Have a Local Business to Use the SEO Traffic?

You do not need to have a local business but you do need to have an actual website, with your own domain name and hosting.  The SEO traffic is not for affiliate marketers who are marketing lead pages and or affiliate links. Affiliate marketers can take advantage of our bulk run of network traffic here.

Affiliate marketers can also look at the advertising service which is appropriated for affiliate marketers.

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